project Natalie
Fill water tank automatically, efficiently and safely.


  • In this prototype, I presented an automated system that has the ability to measure the low level of the tank and filling it and provide the water motor from the cases when the water is not supplied for motor. There are a three levels for water content in the tank (99%, 65% and 25%), 99% is \"max level\", i.e. where the motor is off while the second one (65%) refers to the critical point when the water level is below it the motor will turn on through the relay for 5 minutes if there is no water delivered to the motor the relay will turn off the motor after the timeout using the flow-water sensor to detect if the water is delivered or not as a protection for the motor. The solenoid will disconnect the less needed loads such as the garden when the water level drops below the 25% to preserve it.



  • Arduino

  • Solenoid Valve

  • Water Flow Sensor

  • Relay